Street Legal Golf Carts in Boca Raton, FL

Are you in the market for a street legal golf cart? Do you own a golf cart that you want to make street legal?

What Is A Street Legal Golf Cart/LSV?

South Florida Golf Carts offers low speed vehicles (LSV) or street legal electric carts for neighborhoods, communities, downtown Delray Beach and much more.

LSV’s must have the following safety equipment:

  1. DOT Approved Windshield
  2. A lighted license plate
  3. Windshield Wiper
  4. Drive Side and Passenger Side Mirrors
  5. Seatbelts for each passenger
  6. Reflectors
  7. Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals and Brake Lights

Please look at the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Link below for the information about street Legal Vehicles.

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