Delray Beach Golf Cart Service Center: Expert Repairs and Upgrades

Looking for the best golf cart repair center in Delray Beach, Florida? You’ve found it! South Florida Golf Carts is your go-to spot for fixing up your golf cart. Our Delray Beach Golf Cart Service Center is where you’ll get expert repairs and upgrades, designed just for you.

We know how important it is to keep your golf cart running smoothly. Whether you’ve got a 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, or 8-seater, our skilled team can handle any repair or upgrade you need, with precision and care.

Golf Cart Repair at Delray Beach

Charger Repairs

Count on our skilled technicians to diagnose and fix any issues with your charger for reliable charging.

Brake Diagnosis and Repair

Trust our experts to thoroughly check and fix your brakes for reliable stopping power.

Tire Replacement

Swap out worn tires for new ones, improving grip and performance for a smoother ride.

Wiring Inspection and Repair

We’ll tackle any electrical issues to keep your golf cart running smoothly.

Led Lighting Installation

Illuminate your path with our high-quality LED lighting solutions for enhanced safety.

Stereo System Upgrades

Upgrade your stereo system for a more enjoyable ride with your favorite tunes.

Solenoid Replacement

Trust us to replace faulty solenoids, ensuring your cart’s electrical system runs smoothly.

Steering Repair

Keep your cart steering true with our expert repair services.

Golf Cart Brands We Repair

Here’s the list of golf cart brands we repair at South Florida Golf Carts in Delray Beach:

Golf Cart Service at Delray Beach

Scheduled Maintenance

Our technicians will perform routine inspections and tune-ups to keep your golf cart performing smoothly.


We’ll keep your cart looking sharp with exterior washes and interior detailing to maintain its appearance.


Ensure smooth operation by lubricating moving parts to minimize friction and extend your cart’s lifespan.

Tire Care

Trust us to inspect, rotate, and replace tires as needed for optimal traction and safety.

Fluid Checks

Stay ahead of issues by letting us inspect and top up fluids to keep your cart running smoothly.

Battery Care

Maximize battery lifespan with regular maintenance and replacements to keep your cart powered up.


Ensure safety on the course with our thorough assessments to catch any potential issues.

Upgrades & Customizations

Personalize your cart with LED lighting, custom seats, and more to create your ideal ride.

We Offer Golf Cart Repair and Services in the following areas

At South Florida Golf Carts, we’re here to serve all your golf cart needs across South Florida. Whether you’re looking to buy, need repairs, or want to upgrade your ride, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out the list below to find where you can find our top-quality services in your community:

  • Boca Raton Golf Cart Repair Center
  • Boynton Beach Golf Cart Maintenance Center
  • Briny Breezes Golf Cart Service Center
  • Deerfield Beach Golf Cart Repair Center
  • Fort Lauderdale Golf Cart Service Center
  • Gulf Stream Golf Cart Service Center
  • Hillsboro Beach Golf Cart Repair and Service Center
  • Lighthouse Point Golf Cart Repair Center
  • Manalapan Golf Cart Center: Repair and Maintenance
  • Ocean Ridge Golf Cart Service Center
  • Pompano Beach Golf Cart Service Center
  • South Palm Beach Golf Cart Repair Center
  • West Palm Beach Golf Cart Repair Center

Schedule Service

At South Florida Golf Carts in Delray Beach, we’re dedicated to providing top-quality service for all your golf cart needs. Our certified technicians offer convenient pickup and delivery services, conducting thorough diagnoses and clear repair recommendations.

Questions? Call us at 561-860-8898 for assistance. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your golf cart running smoothly at our Delray Beach Golf Cart Service Center. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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