Lifted Golf Cart

Everything You Need to Know About Lifted Golf Carts

While some people think that a Lifted Golf Cart is just another form of a golf cart, that’s absolutely not the case. Though almost all lifted golf carts have huge tires, there are some other components to raising a golf cart.

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Here are some benefits of using Lifted Golf Carts:

1. Increase Clearance

By lifting your golf cart, you primarily add clearance to the cart’s underside. If you often use your golf cart for off-roading determinations, this can be a huge advantage for you.

With a lifted golf cart, you don’t have to be worried about stumps, trees, rocks and other damaging obstacles that might damage your cart while driving.

2. Better speed

Another best advantage of using a lifted golf cart is its high speed—large tires are directly proportional to better swiftness. These tires provide better speed as compared to the regular ones. The speed difference defers from a few miles/hours to 20mph.

Speed might not be crucial from a safety stance; it provides a better speed.

3. Getting In and Out

Since the golf carts are raised with the help of a lift kit, you can easily get in and out of them.

4. More power

Most people use golf carts to lift and transport heavy products across a long distance. Apart from it, some hotels and campuses also use these carts to allow elder people to travel from one place to another.

If you require a golf cart to cover heavy demands, you can purchase a lift kit to enhance its power and minimise the damage risk.

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